Toss,Xia Jian slowly recovered。

“I said you are a pig!I know that Guo Meili has no good intentions,Dare to drink other people’s wine,One drink is a big glass,Who are you?Brewmaster or Brewmaster“Fang Fang saw Xia Jian come back,Only then began to tease him,It doesn’t matter if he is the boss or not。
Xia Jian remembered just now,Like a dream,Guo Meili’s sinister smile,Always dangling in his head,He took a breath and said:“Thank you Fang Fang,If not for you,Myself tonight…“
Xia Jian wanted to speak but stopped,Look embarrassed。
Fang Fang giggled and said:“If not for me,Are you going to lose yourself tonight“
“Lose your head,All the good things,If you really get the conditions tomorrow,I’m afraid I can’t wash it all by jumping into the Yellow River in my life“Xia Jian looked serious。
Fang Fang nodded silently and said:“This woman is really scheming,I can think of things like this,Once you really have a handle in her hand,You boss has done it well“Xia Jian felt terrible after thinking about it。
First0065chapter chance encounter
It won’t dawn the next day,Xia Jian woke Fang Fang in the next room,The two didn’t even return the room,Go straight to the county long-distance station,Finally waited until the first train departed,Two people sit up,Watched the car move,Their hanging heart just let go。
Strong dragon does not crush the ground snake,Xia Jian still understands this。
Wait for them to return to the company,It happens to be at work in the afternoon,In the lobby on the first floor,Crowded a lot of people,Everyone seems to be squeezing to see some notice,Xia Jian hesitated,Also squeezed in。
Notice:Xiao Xiao, General Manager of Venture Group,Worsened by foot injury,Need to be transferred to the provincial capital for treatment,Its work is represented by Xia Jian,the term,Until Mr. Xiao returns healthy。See here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but shrank,Wasn’t it good the other day??Why did it worsen overnight?He can’t stand it anymore,Gallop upstairs。
Just entered the office,Wang Lin and Zhou Li stopped one after another,Wang Lin glanced at Zhou Li,Asked Xia Jian unhappy:“President Xia,Is everything going well?“
“Don’t talk about it,Let me talk about the notice downstairs“Xia Jian interrupted Wang Lin。