See here,Wang Teng clenched his fists:“All right,Now words,Actually, don’t worry about it for now。”

“Next,Everyone prepare well,Wiped them out in one fell swoop。”
Chapter 242 It’s Over
Currently,What’s in front of us,no doubt,Let everyone,All unexpected。
but,Wang Teng doesn’t care about these。
now,Wang Teng slowly raised his head to stare at Shang Tianyi in front of him。
“prior to,Aren’t you very proud?”
“but now,You continue!”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,Feel,Like a sudden slap,Pumped here hard。
Even before,Shang Tianyi had anticipated it in advance。
But for these,In the heart of Shang Tianyi,Still a little unbelievable。
And seeing these,Shang Tianyi gritted his teeth,Yelling at the surrounding。
“Hurry up,What are you doing here?,Hurry up!”
Shang Tianyi’s words are finished,Even more so that those around you,One after another, they came quickly to Wang Teng。
however,Looks at Wang Teng,Suddenly felt,These people are very funny。
“You think,Like this,Will be useful?”
“Since you think so,Then,I only have to be sorry to tell you,What you think is too simple。”