Jones glanced at Xia Jian full of flattery,Use good slender fingers to hold the wine glass,Exhale like silk:“Mr. Xia!From the first time I met you,I think you are a responsible man。I have a little thing here,Don’t know if you can do me a favor?”

When Jones said this,Two eyes of ecstasy stared at Xia Jian,It makes people feel ecstatic。Xia Jian is considered to be very determined among men,But facing a woman like Jones,He’s afraid he can’t control it。
“Oh!what’s up?”Xia Jian asked casually,People stood up。I took the opportunity to move my body,A little farther from Jones。He and Tao,If this continues,What will happen later,He can’t control it himself。When he walked in,Jones called him President Xia,Now it becomes Mr. Xia again,She must be famous for calling like this。
Jones gracefully raised the wine glass,Take a sip。Then he smiled charmingly at Xia Jian:“I especially appreciate your ancient Chinese culture,It’s all those things passed down from your ancestors”
Xia Jianyi listen,Refreshed。Aren’t these artifacts that Jones said??What does she mean?Xia Jian suddenly woke up。He tried his best to control his emotions,Pretending to be nonchalant。
Just listen to Jones going on:“Of course,I am not a cultural relic dealer,I don’t want to make money through this,I just collect,In the prevailing words, it is purely a hobby”
“Ah!This is a game you rich people play,I don’t know what Miss Jones said to me?”Xia Jian is smiling,Lowered his voice and asked。This is not the same thing,He Xia Jian is a law-abiding citizen,He will never get involved in such things。
Jones stood up,She walked gently to Xia Jian’s side,Whispered:“Don’t you have a friend named Wildcat?”
“wildcat?I still don’t know the person you are talking about,Did you make a mistake”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Jones shook his head and said:“Can’t go wrong,Wildcat is her nickname,It seems you really don’t know。Actually her real name is Xie Xiaoya,You should know this!”
Jones stared at Xia Jian,Xia Jian felt the sharpness in her eyes。He is thinking,Thought for a while and said:“Xie Xiaoya?We really have a relationship with this woman,But she is in jail now。Hey!You know that I know her?”
“Hahahaha!The relationship between you is not so simple。Mr. Xia is not honest at all in front of me,Don’t forget,The provincial capital is such a big place”Jones said with a laugh。
She was only half talking,But Xia Jian still understands what she means。Until now,Xia Jian discovered,The Jones he knows is not simple,It seems that she is only talking about coming to China to take care of the family business,Still a bit different。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Miss Jones, just speak straight,Xie Xiaoya did know me。She is also a woman,So carefree,Even if it has something to do with me,Also normal”
“Hahahaha!Mr. Xia is really quick talk。Is such that,The wild cat before she went in,There is a baby in my hand that suddenly disappears out of thin air,Many people are looking for this thing,But nowhere,I mean…”Jones said this,Then paused。
Xia Jian asked silently:“You mean this baby is in my hand?”