The most authentic history of a farewell poem to write 20 words to make parting offer all kinds of taste

People have joys and sorrows, month also wanes. The matter ancient difficult wholly. So Parting also become a poet’s eternal topic.

Friends were facing, some pretending to be strong, such as Wang Bo: bosom friend afar brings a distant land near; some exhilaration of open-minded, such as Ouyang Xiu: Life would have a infatuated, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon; some encourage each other to the future It can be expected, such as high fitness: before Mo Road no friends, who Bushi Jun. However, these seem not always feel so real, you know, people’s emotions are difficult to control, parting, always unhappy Wan thread, really be able to do so frankly and several people. While on the surface or poet say let the tears flow down, in fact, there are no tears wet garments will know the poet himself.

After all deeply grieved by, only do not just carry on! Today we read together a Bai’s poems, song farewell poem of his friends, is thousands of years when people bid farewell to the most realistic portrayal.

Offer all kinds of taste self-evident. Tang Bai this poem is very short, only 20 words, the meaning is simple.

Similar to the vernacular, in line with the usual Po Chu poetry style.

Poet friends farewell, farewell specific Who, did not say, we do not know.

But behind the content of the poem you may know this must be a very important friend. "Do not Nampo desolately, westerly wave autumn." These two not only point out the place and time of farewell, and to love the King contrast, rendering a strong maudlin displays of emotion.

"Nampo", was intended to waters south, here are synonymous at Farewell, then saw "Nampo" Parting sudden and devastating.

The farewell of time and proper "west curl" in the fall.

Autumn wind blows, leaves scatter, a scene that can not but doubled sadness. Here, "desolately", "curl" stacked two words with too vivid. The former describe the desolate heart, sorrow; the latter describe the bleak autumn, bleak. Precisely because when the heart farewell "desolately", it is particularly feeling the autumn "curl"; and that Ruqirusu "curl" of the wind, but also express a more "desolately" feelings from the people Ganchangcunduan, both mutually beget each other .

"One look at a gut off, and go do not turn around.

"These two really sincere and well written, full of pathos. As the saying goes, stand always on one side.

Every last break up, always farewell climax. After the breakup, friends Although embark and go, but friends frequently come back to "see" the poet. "Look back", this is a very common operation, but here and now, one thousand kinds of sadness difficult to express in words the hearts of his friends, the worth of emotions, both from a "look" word to show it, really, "Silence is golden at this time . "

While friends look back, how poets know, peace of mind and comfort friends leave, do not go back. This is because the poet has been watching the direction of his friends to leave, he has been quietly watched his friends away. So this "look" is not just the performance of the departure of a friend of the poet’s sadness, but also a performance poet Ganchangcunduan heart. The poet once every two "a", the fate of both Parting and sincere friendship thoroughly.

Finally, the poet consoled his friends feel at ease to leave, not to return. At first glance it seems bland sentence, and then chewed, but meaningful. The poet does not really want friends hurry to leave, he just wanted to take control of what the two sides can not restrain emotions, and inner anguish I am afraid to be added to the point. Non-do not want to not read, but difficult to hold Wife.

There had been numerous human farewell, farewell poem in Tang also accounted for a large proportion. However, it can cause farewell poem resonate with readers of future generations, we must be caught in moving farewell details, perhaps pretending to be strong smile, seemingly free and easy turning; also, or parting eyes, friendly and desolate land exhortations, slowly disappear in a familiar street corner at the back …… Bai’s poem farewell song, light water, slowly pouring out of affectionate parting.

Meticulously portrays the poet farewell of the most teaser most real details, but these details is that everyone experienced, shared by everyone. Therefore impress the reader from the bottom of my heart, triggering a strong resonance.

In each of the intersection, you are smartly waved his hand, turned and let the tears flow behind? Or has been silently watching away in the back, out of sight until the end? .