Anshun Jingkai District Government Service Center: Create a government service brand with the spirit of the spirit of the Plenary

Economic Affairs Service Center by Open Area: Creating a government service brand with the spirit of the Plenary Session.Li Fang, director of Zhao Caijun Economic Service Center, Director of the Administrative Service Center: "We will continue to learn the spirit of the Plenary, and transform the learning into me for the masses.

According to the "2 + 2" model in Guizhou Province, the "2 + 2" model is implemented, the hall is adjusted in the hall in accordance with the natural person comprehensive service area, legal person, comprehensive service area, public affairs service area and other modules.

Continuously optimize the service, continue to do a good job in the publicity of the benefits of Hui En-Enterprise, and the guidance of consulting, giving the agent, let the enterprise, the masses feel high quality service, enhance happiness and satisfaction."(Chen Rongqing, Zhao Caijun) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.