Changchun steam opening area to carry out "learning Lei Feng loves to prevent epidemic" patriotic health cleaning volunteer service big action

  In order to further promote the spirit of Lei Feng in the whole society, advocate the volunteer spirit of "unity, friendship, mutual assistance, progress", beautify the community environment.

On the morning of March 7th, Changchun Automobile Road Jincheng Street Changshang Social Area launched a patriotic health cleaning volunteer with the theme of "Learning Lei Feng, Director Decide" under the leadership of the First Secretary Wei Hu (Director of Jincheng Street) Service actions.

  On the day of the event, there were nearly 30 people such as community cadres, public welfare, support cadres, governments, residents, first secretary of volunteer activities.

Everyone is holding a shovel, garbage clip, plastic bag, epidemic propaganda product, etc. to clear the white garbage, wild advertisement, organize the epidemic prevention propaganda, and distribute the publicity and epidemic knowledge manual, and clean up the domestic garbage for the isolation object. The family of medical staff is issued by an epidemic prevention and warm bag … A volunteer service is in full swing. After a half an hour, there were more than 80 pieces of white garbage, wild advertising and anti-masses, and organized 12 epidemic prevention banners, distributed more than 50 epidemic propaganda manuals, clean up the isolation target domestic garbage 34 pack, epidemic prevention warm bag 2 copies. Volunteers have worked hard, and they are not afraid of risks to practice the spirit of Lei Feng.

  During the epidemic, Chang Shen Community launched this patriotic health action to strengthen community environmental health remediation, eliminate viral breeding environments, effectively cut off viral communication, and let the community have further purification, improve the consciousness of residents to protect environmental sanitation Sex, creating a good atmosphere of active epidemic prevention, scientific and epidemic prevention.

 China Jilin Net Ji Inti-IP reporter Wang Yuqi Road News Center for map correspondents Chen Bamboo.