Characteristic industry smart farmers 300 acres red heart kiwi is gaining harvest

The local masses pick red heart kiwi.

On August 26th, the Zhongshan County Committee of the Zhongshan County Committee is on August 26. On-site pick. The Heavenly Natural Resources Endowment in Huashan Yao Township in Zhongshan County provides "nourishing" for specialty planting industry, and the price is three times more of ordinary fruits. The variety is the first planting in Zhongshan County in recent years, the red heart kiwi is delicious, the aroma is rich, the taste is refreshing, the sweetness is high. After testing, each 100 grams of red kiwi meat contains 100 mg of vitamin C reached 100 mg, calcium content of 27 mg, phosphorus content 26 mg, and carotene and a variety of vitamins. Zhongshan County will use kiwifruit as the planning of rich peasant pillar industry, and organize the leading enterprise Zhongshan Huilong Agricultural Company to implement thousands of acres of high-end agricultural industrial park construction projects. This year’s 300 mu of kiwi production reached 300,000 kilograms, the output value reached 4.5 million yuan. In order to ensure the quality, the county registered "Zhongshan Huaoshanhong" trademark, strictly control kiwi production, sales link, and unified production standards, unified pick packaging, unified two-dimensional code traceability system. In industrial planning, the village collective economy can be achieved by 60000 yuan, driving 29 households in the village, 113 people in the village, so that the depleted household has sustained and stable industrial income.

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