Wang San get off,Looked around,There is also an abandoned vacant warehouse,He nodded,“it is good,That’s it。”They pulled Xia Shuyue out of the car。

Xia Shuyue looked around,Within sight,no one,Her heart is cold,Why don’t you listen to Chunmei?。
Chunmei said,Let her not go out alone,And said it many times,Why she forgot,This time I really have to be pushed down the river to feed the fish,tomorrow,The newspaper said that a young pregnant woman fell into the water and died。
There are two people holding Xia Shuyue’s arms,Walk into the warehouse,Someone got a rope to tie Xia Shuyue tightly。
Wang San went outside to call Zhu Yi,Almost an hour passed,Zhu Yi just arrived。
“You are too slow,Have been waiting for you for an hour,Boss Zhu。”Wang San complained。
“busy。”After Zhu Yi received the call,I’ve been thinking,Do you want to come?,When he asked Wang San to tie this woman,I regret it,After receiving a call from Wang San already tied up,,I thought about it for a long time in the company,So I’m late。
“People are inside。”Wang San brought Zhu Yi into the warehouse。
Zhu Yi walked over,See Xia Shuyue,Handsome,Big belly,I was so angry that he rushed up with two slaps,“Aren’t you crazy?”
Xia Shuyue was slapped with gold stars by these two slaps,Bleeding from the corners of the mouth,She doesn’t know Zhu Yi,I don’t know why Zhu Yi beat her,and so,She didn’t ask,I just looked at the man in front of me in surprise。
Zhu Yi stared at her,This look is not afraid of danger,He reached out and wanted to hit,“how,not talking anymore?”
Wang San hugged Zhu Yi,“stop fighting,She is pregnant,Beat the kid to death,Ghosts will come。”
Of course Zhu Yi didn’t want Xia Shuyue’s life,He just thought of a bad breath,Don’t want to cause other trouble,So I stopped,“let me go,I don’t fight。”