Heard this sentence,Middle-aged men in front of the middle,Take the head deeply。

Just at this time,ECG monitoring of the resuscitation has passed a different sound。
Then Xu Tianfu’s heartbeat has stopped……
Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan are again
“PleaseICUDoctor consultation!”Chen Riyuan suddenly。
Patient sudden heartbeat stop,unknown reason,The situation has exceeded his control。
At this moment,ICUDoctor must be on site。
Zhou Ye has been responsible for contactICUdoctor,After finishing the phone, I went back to the rescue scene.。
Time a minute and one second,On-site still depression。
“Why didn’t you come”Xiao Zhao Xihu looked at the first aid room door,Here, he also worships Zhou Yewu.。
Because you can see from Zhou Ye,This time,very dangerous!
And Zhou Ye also has already forgotten anxiety.,When it is in his time,He continued to carry out heart and lung recovery。
He has always been working hard to press the patient.。
finally,existICUThe doctor arrived at the doctor……Zhou Ye is confused,What is the slight shock?。
“The patient’s heartbeat is back.!”Zhou Ye shouted。
Everyone in the emergency resuscitation is also loose.。
at this time,After a long-term persistent pleural pressing,Zhou Ye has been tired of being。
Do not know why,At this time, Zhouwei felt his body and mind.,But the brain is active。
He recalled when he was intern.,Also in this emergency room,He didn’t know how many times participated in the rescue.。
“OK”Li Ru Ji did not pay attention to the Wilde of the fall.,Come and ask。
“of course!”Zhou Ye 勉 strongly lifts the right hand,Take a chest。
“Cough and cough cough”After the shoot,He can’t help but cough again.。
Zhou Ye looks at him,Li Ru Ji looked at Zhou Ye,In such a serious atmosphere,The two people have laughed together.。
“Oh,It seems that you are fine.”。Low voice。
Zhou Ye looks up at it,It is Chen Riyuan andICUDoctor on duty。
Zhou Ye looksICUdoctor,Very happy,But cough is not stopped,You can only smile:“Just a good risk,The patient almost gone。”
He lick his mouth and continued:“Prescribe10minute,You will restore your autonomous rhythm.。”