Maybe you can’t die, you will die.,At that time, the situation was definitely worse.,Now at least it has already controlled the defenders of Jincheng.。

Gao Chang Long Sighs,Sure enough,,War will not wait for you to get ready。
After the big military quarter in the city,From the big army, one member wearing a young man,Shouting towards the city:“And provincial lines,In order to prevent Zhou Guo invading Luoyang,Mondeline our army stationed in Jincheng。Ask the Guard to transfer to the city defense to our army,Other matters,The Major will be handed over with my army.,Nonely。
Please open the city gate to enter the city。”
This teenager’s voice is also big enough.,The Jincheng defenders on the whole city wall heard a clear,Can’t help but vibration。
Even if you want to prepare Zenguo,That also wants to be Luoyang.,In Jincheng here,What can defense??This is completely a ghost of the three-year-old child.,Maybe the other party is not true,However, it is a routine course.。
Gao Changzong’s low voice,Surround talk to the Jinyang army with the following。
You want to fight,That battle!have nothing to say,There is a kind of knife.!
call out!call out!call out!call out!
The bow of the city of the city fights the charow,It is great to be strong,Almost shouting the teenager into the hedgehog!
These people are Dao Chang’s pro,One of the bows and horses,Can be put on the loading,Many are all home from Gao Chengfu。
Since the highness of the Gao Chengyi is mixed in the army,The resources of their home,Also constantly tilting on him,Extremely,Nature is essential existence。
“Ol, but Jin Yang,I still want to scam the city,When I gave a three-year-old child?!”
Because Gao Xiaoyu killed unknown and his heart is angry,I really want someone to rush into the enemy.,Come to a pair!
The leadership of the army in the city is obviously a refreshing person.,The arrow on the city has just stopped,The drum in the array begins to pick up the knock,It seems that it is in a human heart.。
Gao Chang Gong Ying Jump!
Just now he is only a bluff,I just took over the city to prevent a few days.,Even the city gate will not be cooked,In the face of the enemy, like a wolf is like a tiger,How can I get up??
He originally thought that the other party will pick up the camp.,Created the siege equipment and started to attack the city,I didn’t expect that the other party can’t look at him.,I want to come to three axes.,Directly capture Jincheng!
Judging only two thousand soldiers,The rest of the original garrison does not mention,Jincheng has six city gates!
Two thousand people,Six city gate,Average distribution。How many people can be divided into a city gate??
Gao Chang Gong’s rapid operation,The more I want it, the more I feel that Jincheng can’t keep up.!
Qingzhuang in the city is not organized,The city wall is not repaired,The defense system of the city is not established.,Each unit supports each other,There is no formulation。
After playing,Calcalism,Once a city gate is broken,So the whole city is falling,Just a matter of time。
The issue is,How to break?
Gao Changong is still thinking,The enemy is coming over the simple ladder.。This kind of war is called in the attacking battle.“Ant attachet”,As the name suggestion,Just like an ants, climbing the city wall。
Very effective,Great casualties。
But it has a benefit,It is the simplicity of siege equipment,Wooden ladder,Well-made。
If you attacked a small town without preparation,Can be said to come,So it is still widely used。
“If Gao Biyi is here,What will he do??”
Gao Chang Kong has an strange thought。Many memories of memories for a time,He remembered,How did you take a loading cavalry?,In the end, the neutral,After the other party is hit by it。
What if it is??
Gao Chang is coming,If this time is out of the city,How will it take to attack the enemy??
The opponent should not expect himself to take the city field?
stay home,Force is dispersed,City defense,Lost hands is inevitable。And the city is small,The elite has no space in your hand.。
Finally, it consumes people and morale in the city.,In the end, the neutral!
Seemingly safe,Real route。