There is a huge shadow not far ahead,Seems to shine,As the bubbles gradually get closer,The boy found the flash that I saw just now,Seems to move slowly and continuously,He stared intently in that direction,There should be stars colliding in the imagination,I thought I met a very rare scene in the void。

But soon the boy will not calm down,The light is not the energy shock caused by the collision of stars,Obviously the effect of the super power bombarded by the super powers during the war,The huge shadow also has a clear outline,Turned out to be a continent,Vast to no end。
Under careful identification,The teenager was disappointed,This land is not the remains of the ancestor mainland where he once grew up,No transparent crystal wall protection,No blue sky and white clouds,No familiar mountains、Grassland and forest,But lifeless,The entire shadow is a uniform grayish brown,Lifeless。
This is probably another land remnant,Although it’s so vast in the eyes of a teenager,But in the entire void,Much smaller than the ordinary shining stars,It’s just a matter of sight distance。
Taupe contrasts sharply with the flashing light and shadow,The teenager found the source easily,In fact, the bubbles are still quite some distance away from the mainland,When the shaky one is about to approach the mainland,Those flashes are long gone。
The teenager was disappointed again,But after a little thought, I quickly cheered up,He tried,The bubble cannot change direction with his will,This shows that this thing has an established destination,Or,It’s the person who blessed him who set the flight trajectory in advance.。
really,The teenager’s guess is soon fulfilled,The bubbles actually hover in the air when they approach the surface of the continent,There are several large pits of different shades below,Seems to be the place where the flash was just now,May have been impacted by violent energy,Look down in the air,Like the footprints of an unknown behemoth。
Slowly look forward,Several more big pits appeared,They show a certain direction,Intermittently stretch forward,Till the end of sight。
Seems to be affected by the juvenile spirit,The hovering bubbles began to move slowly along the direction of the big pit,This makes the teenager puzzled,So try to stop the bubble in consciousness ,For a while, the bubble really hovered。
It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand,Just work,The teenager can’t wait to drive the bubbles forward,He guessed that there might be unexpected gains at the end of these big pits。
Unexpected,The little distance from high altitude is quite long on the mainland,Through the plateau desert,Into the mountains,The bubble is getting faster and faster,Dakeng is still extending intermittently,Until I cross the mountains,Those weird pits disappear completely。
Under a high ground that extends beyond the mountains,The teenager finally found,A nearly identical bubble was stuck between two huge rocks,There is a man in rags lying prone on the underside of the bubble,like a statue。
This person has gray hair,Can’t see the face,Arms folded under the chest,The clothing is almost the same as the popular styles of the ancestors in mainland China,No trauma can be seen from the exposed back,No way to know whether it’s dead or alive。