“What’s left?”

“As long as there are two of them,Other things。”
Less than ten minutes after the three masked men in black left,Two more figures appeared outside the farmyard where the birds were unwilling to come to poop,One man and one woman,But it was Li Tianyu and Shen Yingjie who came in a hurry。
I saw the courtyard gate from afar,Li Tianzhi has a bad heart,Rushed into the courtyard immediately。
“Why so reckless?Which is like an experienced foreign worker,Abnormal!”Shen Yingjie side guard,Whispered while frowning,She still lacks understanding of Li Tianzhen’s extraordinary perception ability。
It was a coincidence that the two came to this Fuxing Village,Li Tianzhen took Xiao Liu to find Depu and Fan Bin nonstop in the afternoon,I thought it was a matter of luck,Because the Yuxing incident happened too suddenly,Although the two are not core members,But it is also the little brother Li Tianzhen brought from the village in the city.,Will it be noticed by the opponent,It’s hard to tell if you can hide。
Searching for Fan Bin in the world failed,It’s night,But Li Tianzhen will not let go of any opportunity or possibility。Unexpectedly but easily found Depp,Poor, he is hiding in a panic in a rental house in an old community,Just got in touch with the captain in Liuyunguan,Thinking about how to risk the past,Unexpectedly, Li Tianzhi, who had been missing for a long time, came here。
Depp cried with excitement,He was actually the most wronged,Steadily helping Broad Bean to manage the Internet cafe,The kind of person who stays motionless by the computer。Never done anything extraordinary,I don’t know much about Yuxing’s changes.,I only know that the company is getting better,Nothing more。
The face he touches is also narrow,Except for the boss broad bean,And bugs、The captain and Fan Bin communicate,Just surprised that the bed bugs have changed a lot,Sometimes difficult to adapt,The others are few。After talking about a girlfriend,He is more like living in a paradise,How can I understand Yuxing’s senior leaders。
But the day before yesterday I suddenly received a call from the captain and Broad Bean,The content is surprisingly consistent,“Don’t go to the Internet cafe,Run quickly!”Depp thinks the captain is joking,I didn’t want to pay attention,But then the call from Broad Bean,Very serious tone,This makes him have to pay attention。
Sneaked to the Internet cafe to have a look,The door is actually closed,He believed that what Broad Bean said was true,But Depp still doesn’t know why,Panicked back to the rental room,Don’t know where to go,Later, I ran into bed bugs near the community,I knew something was wrong after asking,So I was scared and went back to the room,Dare not come out again。
After finally stabilizing the mood,Depp recalled the words and deeds that were more impressed with the past,And a few footholds he knows。
Li Tianzhen thought silently,Exclude one by one,He has actually been to several places,Nothing found,But Depp has a sentence that caught his attention,“He was busy for a while,Often run north of the city with Brother Liangzi,Said to rebuild our base,I sound strange,But didn’t ask,Thought he was joking。”
“A foothold in the north of the city?Rebuild base?”Li Tianzhen pondered,Suddenly thought of Fuxing Village,He stayed in that place too,The last of Yuxing’s disaster、Is also the most secret stronghold,Later, I heard Zhu Lei said that he was burned by Xie Man。
Is this cheap master hiding in Fuxing Village??It’s really possible,Peng Weihua was not a simple and reckless person who was blindly greedy,I thought of the next move very early,Explain that he has an idea,There are also some findings,More likely to be thankful、Ann two people and one hand。
Li Tianzhen decided not to delay,Rush over immediately,Shin Yingjie called and said that he was finished,To join with,He doesn’t shirk,First sent Xiao Liu and Depp to the dealership,Asked Luo Jun to take the two immediatelySZSafe House,He and Shen Yingjie left immediately。