“Want to come again??”Liao Jie frowns,Situation is critical,Directly jump over the mouth of the mouth。

“no need,My sword is not able to break the golden body of the big,Really blame,Imperial court,Can be used by it,How did it do??”Yan Chixiai,I want to break my head and I don’t know.。
Because the military officials have been emptied,The court in addition to a few officials,There is a disciples of disciples.。
Liao Jie gives an accurate answer,At the same time curious,I don’t know the emperor who lives in Jingshi.,Will there will be only one person left。
probably not,Really like this,Pudu Cihang,Isn’t it a chaos in the world?!
Poor sigh,Killing a monster can kill the world’s chaos
“forget about it,I will rush into the big belly,Try to find an opportunity to break the gold body,If I didn’t come out,you”
Yan Chixneau is tenure:“Don’t ask for you to find me,But the time of the three years,Don’t tell you, I am dead.。”
“Yan Hexia,Leave a green hill without a firewood,Let’s take a few years of cultivation of the temple,Come out again。”
“I was late at that time.!”
Yan Chixiao,Tone:“I can’t afford it.,Surrounding this is good or bad,Can not ask if you don’t know,Even if you escape to the deep forest,I can’t get down this heart.。”
Yan Chi Xia is ruthless,Heart is cold and hidden in the mountains,His criteria did not have a young blood.。
Height,Do not want to make a leisure,Leisible active,In any case, he has to take a tube.。
Don’t ask,Do not close!
“Shape like sword!”
Once after drinking,Yan Chixia is disappearing,Directly rushing into the dust all over。
Liao Jie sighs,Black long shadows in the line of sight are tumbling in the mountains.,Poisonous fireworks,Be astonished,Ranking of 100 meters。
After a moment,Yan Biansia is wrapped in poisonous smoke,Yujian body,Daxie see an opportunity,Big mouth opened,Oh, swallow it into the belly。
Liao Jie:one`′one
No words,It is Yan Chixia to drive in.,This old Taoist is usually salted,I really want to lose my demon.,Who dares to gamble。
“Since this,I also accompany you.。”
Liao Jie presses boiling blood,Dark road only once,A face for Yan Chixia,The next time I absolutely turned and drill grass.。
“Sword,Unknown,Sun and moon!”
Reminds to the big man,He throws a victory sword,Behind the open ghost to steadily,Intensive red light sword,Error can’t close。
Good idea,But when he is not Yan Chi,,The number of swords is not enough,Can’t stop the momentum of the big shock。
Slap,Big 蚣 空 身 身 身,Roar from the sky,Body embedded in the mountains,Burial in a huge handset。
This is only,Royal swords can not open the gold body,If you want to blind your actions,Cannot shoot it into photos。
“Sword,Unknown,Sun and moon!”
Hundreds of blood, swords, lightning,Fried big 蜈蚣 roar,Turning up in the pit,Looking up to the poisonous fireworks,Then
叽 叽,It was pressed in the soil。
“This golden work doesn’t know which monk leaves.,People have not learned,Learned by the monster,This is not adding”Liao Jie is dark,That is, it is too far away.,Otherwise, he fell a kite to catch the big feast.,Playing with Baiyun, playing, taking a shot, I shoot one,Will big 蜈蚣,It can not be mad.。
“Sword,Unknown,Sun and moon!”
After several consecutive times,Liao Jie is somewhat awkward,Yan Bixi got a for a while,Actually, the fart is not moving.。
“Don’t get lost to another door,That is really fart.”
His mouth ridicule,I am so worried about death in my heart.,Clearly remember that the original Zhongyan Chinensidia is broken, not bad,Wan Jian, which is displayed in the big belly。
Successful case,No reason this time will fail,unless
Liao Jie’s lips,Unless it is a man’s mana,Original,Yan Biansia drilled into the belly of the big,I also know that the autumn leaves are。