“Xiao Li,God gives him how long you can do it??”

Thinking of Li Hui Feng’s son last night,Xu Jiafu is a bit distressed,But now he is not so embarrassed to say。
“Hey-hey,Grandfather,In fact, I feel that I have been the treatment last night.,Tianzhi brother is already good,Just in order to prevent everyone, I feel that God needs to follow my side.,At the same time, there is another thing to discuss with you.。”
God gives him, he is really good.?”
Xu Laifu is incredible,But I saw Li Hui’s face serious look.,He also believes in。
Li Hui Feng although it is a small fox,But promise him to talk about it.,Especially this loan roadwork,In his heart, Li’s wind is simply living Lei Feng.。
Just every time I think of it, I will fall to the wind.,He also feels that Li Ping is not so pure.。
“Hey-hey,It should be good,Otherwise he can’t eat so much last night.,And you said that you haven’t played back overnight.,I haven’t felt that the kind of anti-vaticish feeling is not feeling again.,These basics can prove that God is already good.。”
Xu Lai Fu listened to Li Hui’s head is the explanation of the road.,Li Hui said that every evidence is determined by his heart.。
“Xiao Li,Uncle doesn’t know how to thank you.,You said.,As long as the uncle can do,Any uncle is promise you。”
Xu Jiafu is excited about the hand of Li Hui’s hand to the mouth.。
And this is just right, Li Putting。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Then I will be welcome.。”
“Haha, you have a big master.,What,Sentence is not good,You are the regenerative parents of God.。”
Say this,Xu Laifu saw that Li Hui’s eyes showed a little smile.。
See this scene,Xu Lai Fu suddenly regrets。
Just thinking that your son is really resolved by Li Hui.,It is also a knife, he is also recognized.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,I still want to discuss with you.,Since you have said this,Then I am not welcome.,That is to let Tianzhi brother with me for three years.,Help me three years,Of course, I will give the Tianzhi brother.,However, in the three years, you can’t intervene with my things.,How about it?”
Xu Laifu is ready to be prepared by a knife.,Suddenly heard Li Hui Rong, I took it directly.。
He has never been touched now in this big half.。
Originally he was still awkward,What should he do?,I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng directly gave it.,And also used the opportunity to slaughter him。
“Xiao Li,Can this grandfather disagree??
Nothing else,Kindness without saying thanks,Your ten acres of land rental is given you.,Is your contract for one hundred years,As long as the grandfather is alive,Grandpa has been giving you,Also your live board room,Uncle also contracted you,These don’t want money,You are so exclusive.,Uncle is still small,The white live is half a year.。”
“Our mountain villagers are talking about the water of the water.,Although the uncle is not so good,But two have been so good,Grandpa can still do it.。”
Chapter 116, three hundred thousand
Li Hui also didn’t expect Xu Laifu to be so excited.,At the same time, I didn’t expect him that this clear decision to be a very favorable for him will exchange the support of Xu Laifu.。
When they get out of the orchard,Xu Laifu is happy,Li Hui also is also satisfied with his face.。
And this scene is to let Xu Tianci and Liu Dafu can’t touch it.。
Especially Liu Dafu,He always feels Xu Laifu to discuss what is not speaking with Li Hui Feng.。
But when the two people, he is not good.。
“Gave,About you to follow Xiaoli three years,Xiao Li has told me.,Dad is also very much for this matter.,Follow you with Xiao Li, you have to look good.,Don’t give small ps,And I will not suffer from Xiao Li.。”
Xu Lai Fu is completely from the heart.,After all, he and Li apart from the wind also have time.,In addition to the beginning he wants to earn Li, it is cheap to follow the wind, then by Li Hui’s pit.,Don’t ask if he really urgently,Li Hui seems to have no pit once.。
Xu Tianci did not plan to follow Li Hui,After all, when I went back to take a shower last night.,The change in his body is so obvious that the fool knows that he will not suffer around Li Hui。
“Oh,I see。”
Looking at Xu Tianci to see some unwilling,Xu Jiafu is not hitting one place。
“This time I can talk to you.,You have to follow Xiao Li.,No matter what situation, don’t look for me.。”
Say this,Xu Jiafu directly took hands and said to Li Hui Rong and went back.。
Just waiting for him to take a few steps yet.,Liu Dafu called him。
“village head,I heard that you write the recommendation letter last night.?”