Four days after Li Tianzhu’s family disappeared,Sort out clues from all aspects of feedback,It is determined that Chang Huaishan in the same village has a major suspicion of luring and kidnapping hostages,The license plate number he took to visit his hometown was“GuangdongD”The black off-road vehicle should be the main criminal tool。

The public security department immediately began to trace the whereabouts of the off-road vehicle along the route,But there has been no news,Li Tianzhen didn’t have the patience to wait,According to his own judgment, rushed to Fukuyama overnight,The instructor is worried that this guy will get into trouble,That’s why I sent Shen Yingjie to follow along。
But two days later,That is the day after Li Tianzhen arrived in Fushan,Good news from the traffic police department responsible for the investigation in Hui Province,After they read a lot of surveillance video,Finally found this black off-road vehicle,The car was at the border of Henan and AnhuiG42On high speed,Driving from north to south。
It’s a pity that five hours have passed when I saw the surveillance data,The place where the black off-road vehicle last appeared has been off the highway,Entered the Dabie Mountains,Then disappeared。The police notified the situation,A large-scale search was conducted facing the place where the off-road vehicle last disappeared,‘Mane rat’It was this time that I was ordered to leave,His main task is to find hostages,Looking for Li Tianzhu’s family。
entire‘Ranger’in,On the level of investigation and tracking,Naturally recommended‘Mane rat’,He is a genius in traceology,Also a master of disguise,Once the target is targeted by him,It’s harder to get rid of him than to climb to the sky,Although his physical fitness is not the best,But the endurance is amazing,Especially in the wild,I have already dumped him without a trace,But soon you will find that he is still not far behind,Tracked targets are often‘Mane rat’My sticky heart collapsed。
The instructor just wants to play‘Mane rat’’S specialty,Find opponent,Bite opponent,As long as the safety of the hostages is not threatened,In addition to keeping information flowing,Do nothing else。
‘Mane rat’Sure enough to live up to expectations,After arriving in Hui Province, I briefly contacted the local public security department and entered Dabie Mountain alone.,It only took less than half a day to find the black off-road vehicle in a remote mountain village,Li Tianzhi hasn’t arrived at Fushan yet。
The off-road vehicle is parked in the courtyard of a family,Has not been deliberately disguised or hidden,‘Mane rat’After repeatedly comparing the photos provided by the traffic police department with the car,Make sure the car in front of you is Chang Huaishan’s passenger car home,But did not find Chang Huaishan,With no trace of hostages。
then‘Mane rat’The first reaction was that the other party changed the car,After all, so many hostages,Long distances cannot be solved by an off-road vehicle,And from Chang Huaishan left home to when he was ordered to come to Hui Province,Five full days have passed,Five days in a modern society with highly developed transportation,Basically, I can walk from north to south in China,This is slow,If you don’t take a break, the two drivers change shifts,One back and forth is barely enough。
According to the analysis of the instructor at the time,The destination of the hostage transfer should be in Guangdong Province,This is also due to Chang Huaishan’s identity and Li Tianzhi’s initial judgment,The original vehicle was only this black off-road vehicle。This can also explain why the carPLLost track after driving out,FromPLIt’s almost 800 kilometers to the junction of Henan and Anhui,The off-road vehicle should always be on the mountain road、Path,To avoid monitoring probes,Completed the transfer of hostages on the way。
When the black off-road vehicle finally appeared on the highway in grandeur,There are actually no hostages in the car,Now exposed to surveillance,Can also play a suspicious trick。
Put in‘Mane rat’There are two options ahead,Control this family decisively,Tracing the origin of off-road vehicles,Restore the route traveled by the vehicle,Finally find the information and destination of the changed vehicle,The advantage of this is,Try to save time,Also deter opponents,But there are many disadvantages,The so-called tactics can also be understood as scheming,The other party knows you were fooled,Also understand your progress,Responses and arrangements can be made soon,I am passive everywhere。
One more option,Just not fooled,Quandang did not find the whereabouts of the off-road vehicle,Observe this family patiently in secret,The advantage of this is that the opponent cannot know your progress,in other words,I don’t know if you are tracking down,To what extent,Hint in the heart,They have no bottom,But will be scrupulous,It is also good for the safety of the hostages。
In addition,Yuxing’s big case broke out,Li Tianzhi has reached Fukuyama and made a big noise,From the overall perspective,The outbreak of Yuxing’s case at this time is obviously related to the hostage incident.,Li Tianzhen is the connection point,He’s making noise over there,The more you can attract the attention of your opponent,The more you can paralyze the opponent,Correct‘Mane rat’’S secret investigation is beneficial。
After the situation is reported,The instructor recommends the second way,I don’t know anything,Secretly observe,At the same time coordinate local police,Abandon the large-scale search for off-road vehicles,Turn the focus on fromPLTo the source of more than 700 kilometers at the junction of Henan and Anhui,Try to find clues in the process of the other party changing cars,and‘Mane rat’Stay in this small and remote mountain village。
Take risks in any decision,‘Mane rat’Although I am worried that the second option will delay time,Even baffled the fighter,But he believed in the judgement of the instructor,In fact, he still has an unspoken feeling in his heart,The hostages were not transferred,But was hidden somewhere,The instructor said,The importance of hostages to Li Tianti,The importance of the opponent is in doubt,Play this trick,Opponents will also take great risks。
‘Mane rat’I quickly found the clue,This family looks ordinary,No difference from other farmers in the village,But after a day of observation,‘Mane rat’Found no female members in this family,And all external communication、Communication and coping are all made by an elder who is nearly 60 years old,There are many young adults in the yard,But never leave home,Although they dress up like the villagers,But the temperament is completely different,Not half a mountain citizen,But it has a characteristic of walking in society all the year round。