Tax power Embol of Wuxi special refinement new "small giant" burst large energy

The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" proposed, promoting SMEs to improve the professional advantages, and cultivate special new "small giants" enterprises and manufacturing single-term champion enterprises.

Jiangsu Wuxi guided the new development of small and medium-sized enterprises as an important support of the industry’s strong market, and the factors guarantee the "combination of boxing". The local tax department actively docked the enterprise development counts, giving full play to the role of tax function, send policies, excellent service, Puzzle, do everything possible to use "good water to raise fish", help specializing in the new "small giants" in the segment, fine manufacturing and other fields. "Special" Note Your Market Cultivation Moves "Small Giants" Development Kitup Mobile this year, Jiangsu Ben Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the A-stock mother.

As a professional production of railways, national specialty new "small giants" enterprises, the company has 44 patents, and participated in the national railway bureau on the standard of cable protection system industry standards. "To maintain the market advantage, you must continue to innovate in technology research and development." Company Financial Director Tang Double Happiness said that national tax policy support 10,000 yuan, various taxes and fees are 28.36 million yuan, which is equivalent to the annual R & D investment. During the preparation of the enterprise, the tax cadres actively dock, from the tax delegation of equity transfer, tax preferential policies enjoy personalized counseling such as tax-related risks, so that the market’s listing is smoother. Jiangxin has "China’s first county" "listed company’s first county". As early as 2008, the local Taxation Bureau established the "IPO" tax aid group, providing the "community policy propaganda + personalized customization service" for listed companies and the SMEs intended to be listed, one house, a specialist Docking, full tracking, oriented. Jiangyin Jianghua Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yigu Hydraulic Co., Ltd., etc., "small giants" enterprises have received favors of capital markets and support the "bones" of high quality development in the industry.

"Jing" quasi-smart tax, inspiring "small giants" innovation potential September The application period can enjoy the extension of R & D expenses in the first three quarters.

Sirdong introduced, "Not only have a detailed policy interpretation, but also declare demonstrations, both reduced tax and fee, and reduced taxation costs, let us increase research and development, and accelerate innovation is more powerful.

"At present, companies continue to increase research and development in the electron-slurry of photovoltaic industry technology barriers, and the products of Zhengmin. The products have reached the world’s leading level.

Smart services let enterprises innovation and lightly, data empowerment is a "handling of the diagnosis" for corporate innovation.

Dr. He Xiaoxiang, the person in charge of Jiangsu Zhiwan Wanmao Technology Co., Ltd., impressed that in early 2020, the company received a "suggestion" from the tax department, from innovative elements, market competitiveness, policy support, etc. Innovation ability, "medical examination", "Help is very large, our targeted investment, strengthen high-end talent introduction."

"He Xiaoxiang introduced that innovation is further improved, the company has successfully identified high-tech enterprises, forming a unique intelligent manufacturing and information physics system (CPS) industry micro-ecology.

He Xiaoxiang said, "Recommended" from the "Market Subject Innovation Index" constructed by Wuxi Tax Department, relying on the big data to summarize the characteristic factors affecting the capacity of enterprise innovation, to innovate label portraits, quantitative evaluation, more precise positioning potential Innovative special model new enterprise, inspiring "small giants" innovation potential. "Special" color service benefits "small giant" technology attacks from 2007 to put production, take the industry’s head to make a chair, 5 years, 9 years, built a radio frequency transmission segmentation field, the only national enterprise technology center … .

"Whether it is technology attack and industrial innovation, it is inseparable from the support of national policies and the optimization of business environment." Zhu Diming, the financial person in charge, only value-added tax rebate, one to reach more than 20 million yuan, especially this year The company has entered the ranks of advanced manufacturing. The Tax Business Competitors informed and counseling to enjoy the full tax rebate policy, alleviating the pressure of the market under the influence of the epidemic, and also provides a real gold for the company’s continuous R & D research 5G mobile communication technology. Silver support, the company’s self-developed millimeter wave products will fill the domestic gap and break the foreign technology monopoly. Since 2021, Wuxi tax department has taken advantage of "Spring Rain Run" special action, fully utilizing big data locking special new SMEs, personalized implementation policies, responding to demands, relieving difficulties, helping "small giants" Submarine, deep cultivation.

In the list of the third batch of national specializing in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are 22 companies in Wuxi, and the "National Team" has increased to 32 members. Most of the provinces and even the national segmentation industry is in the leading position in the top three. (Schishan Chen Yizhen Wu Heng) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.