CCTV eight sets of hot play "Xia Guang" will welcome the finale tomorrow night

  The drama is made by Central Radio and TV Station, Dalian Hua Ge Times Co., Ltd., Perfect World (Beijing) Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Confucian Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Ningbo Hua Song Times Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.The famous director Mao Weining is directed, and Yan Liya collar starring, Chen Hao, Liu Wei, Ding Jiaoli, Gao Lu, Li Bo, Li Sibo and other many new generations and strength actors starring 44 episodes of revolutionary historical audience TV series "Xia Guang" self-view eight sets of goldSince the launch of the Strong Artport, we will lead to all TV desk in the same time, cool cloud attention to create the highest peak of the central eight playback drama this year.The drama tells the Dalian of 1945 to 1949 as a "special liberation area" period, and many people dominated by tall glow under the era of Fengyun, witnessing the story of New China, showing the unswerving of Chinese Communists.Revolutionary beliefs and strong brave brilliance.

"Xiaguang" has created a new sample of the spy win drama, triggered the sought after the audience, and the drama will soon usher in the finale tomorrow. "The true and false old distant" narrow road meets the big finale is about to stage "the opening ceremony" tonight, the three battles will win, Dalian Party Organization members are cheering next to the radio, and Gao Qixia is transferred to the Public Security Bureau.

At the commander dance of Andre, Ma Yu’s feet, Fujiazhuang, and high-rise, Ma Zu Su, Fujiazhuang, and high-rise, Ma Zu Su, who were frequently tried in the process of high-strokes, and Zai Suzhen refused. In the next big finishing bureau, the salute used in the "Opening Ceremony" has been transported to the Navy base of the Soviet Junkou. After the installation, it will be transferred to Beijing. The deputy commission will come back from the central government, issued the implementation of the "No. 1 mission" command, to ensure the safety of this train that ships the salute.

At the same time, the real body of "big" will also be clear. Gao Qixia is pretending to perform the task, but I have encountered a true "old" Ma Su Su, a "true and false old" narrow the audio will be staged, and the Gao Daxia can "lie" "Tiger Head" When the thousands of hair, the "old county" is a vital role, and he is about to make a choice of faith in the end.

  In addition to the fate of the fate of several major roles, the finale will also reproduce the majestic "Open Coal". Separates, fireworks, the national antique The voice: "The People’s Republic of China has been established, and the Chinese are standing up, and the people are long …" This is a historic moment of the thousand Chinese daughter’s excitement will also be magnificent in the changing picture of the next night. "Anti-Japanese Afronization Group" Herald Breakthrough Theme Comedy Elements Creation Trends Dalian Screenplay Hao Yan has always been in the field of hometown, positive exploration, he tells a region’s history and culture in the form of "Spy War", this time The owner’s Gao Da Xia is a special historical background, she used to be a member of the Anti-Japanese Fire Group. Anti-Japanese Afronem as the anti-Japanese organization leading the Communist Party, mainly consisting of Dalian workers and anti-Japanese blood youth. From 1935 to 1940, the large number of military facilities and materials were destroyed by Japanese aggressors. As one of them, she has "speciality" as a member of this organizational member in combat experience and combat, which has triggered a series of drama plots that can not help but understand.

  At first glance, "Xia Guang" seems to be too different from the past revolutionary historical drama, but it anti-switched comedy structure, humorous and tuneful narrative, let it go into a new unique in the unique spy battle drama market, it focuses The ordinary small people are engaged in ordinary and fresh stories, comedy cases, the core of the original, the ordinary life and the fine emotional depression, showing a strong culturality and generation. Gao Qixia will make a good-ended characteristic, good, beautiful seawealth, but not only the natural implantation of Dalian food, but also in Dalian audience will be very kind, and the audience in other regions will hick. Attempts to appetite and card.

  In addition to food, the narrative background of the play is also magnificent, and the major historical events in Dalian from 1945 to 1949 will be tiered in Dalian, will eradicate the "moving sports" of the Nationalist Party. Dalian Jianxin Company (523 Factory predecessor) is liberation War manufacturing and transport arms, printed the "Communist Declaration", etc., the real historical event was first moved on the screen.

In such a context, the path of the character growth, the plot is ups and downs, and the personal fate is in the torrent of the times, highlighting the revolutionary heroism and the spirit of the revolutionary cause.

Move the history of Dalian, not only let Dalian people understand the heroes of their own cities, but also make the national audience have a more comprehensive and broader cognition of the city, the first time I learned from TV screen "Dalian special The unique historical period of the liberation area.

  "Gao Daixia" supplemented female diversified image to shape the real and defective civilian hero "Xia Guang" developed "Gao Da Xia" in the ups and downs of "Gao Daixia", the high-grade, the high-rise, the high-rise lamina " "The recruitment of the background color" has a complex real personality characteristics. Her body has the wind and fire of Dalian Jing, simple and cute, spicy, and the revolutionary people’s reluctance, calm and deeply into the bone marrow, these dramatic comparisons and contrast, by the main team, the description of the main team Delicate real performances, there is no sense of abrupt, but sometimes shines with glory.

The image of the character of Tall, the image of the character, and there is no lack of idols, and there is only wisdom of intellectuality, and it is interesting. From this level, high-rise is a supplementary writing of women’s image traits in the east and eastward in the past.

  The civilian female hero shaped in "Xiaguang" is simple and simple, but it is imperfect, just like living around our neighboring family, next door. "I hope to use such a story, such a screen image, explain a special revolutionary history, making the audience to experience the far-reaching life of life in the history, and recall the spirit of the Communists in the hard struggle." Screenwriter Hao Yan lives in a micro-light in these ordinary and special small people, and it has entered the Chinese modern history that is not understanding.

Tomorrow’s 19:30, lock CCTV eight sets of gold strong stadium, "Xia Guang" is about to usher in the full drama, take you complete experience of this different "special liberation area" time journey.