But I didn’t expect Xiao Fan to use this necklace to deal with them,Then they will die,Or that they are not afraid of death now,They are afraid of suffering more painful punishment,So every face is filled with fear。

Chapter 499 No escape
Xiao Fan looked at their faces,A look of disgust on his face,These people really don’t know good or bad,I wanted to grab my necklace。
I don’t know that this necklace will be used against them now,In fact, Xiao Fan would not use his necklace under normal circumstances。
First, Xiao Fan felt unnecessary,Second, Xiao Fan feels that sometimes it is better to keep a low profile,You don’t have to show your strength to others all the time。
This is Xiao Fan’s standard of being a person for many years,But these people are too much,Let Xiao Fan have to make a high profile,Let them know what strength is。
Just the people they sent,Still want to move his necklace,I’m afraid that even Xiao Fan can’t get close,Not to mention what necklace to grab。
Just this group of chowders still want to be the strongest,It’s just whimsical,They eat, drink and have fun all day long and indulge in their drunken life,Rob。
Every face is fat,Fat on the belly,Although it looks strong,But it’s just a vain body,Martial arts is even more vulnerable。
Xiao Fan feels that these people are not only fantastic,Actually, the bigger problem is that they have no brains,Don’t know how to live a normal life。
If they can do their duty to be a little greedy,Leading your own life will not fall to where it is today。
But they don’t know how to repent without them, they get worse,The more Xiao Fan thought about it, the more angry he got,Threw his necklace into the air。
Then the necklace is floating in the air like a magical power,Xiao Fan reached out to the necklace,As if drawing a power from the necklace。
Those people yelled at this action,But now their legs are weak,Can’t run out at all,Can only watch。
Xiao Fan slowly lowered the necklace to a height aligned with him,Right on his forehead,Xiao Fan looked at the necklace with a smile on his face,This smile is mocking。