Got out of the car,Yu Shi and Ji Yunfeng walk side by side,The sea in the night is more beautiful、mysterious。

The sea here is pure,Fine white sand on the shore,Look around on a sunny day,You can see the grand scene of the sea and the sky。
The shallow tide is beating the shore,Couples in twos and threes cuddling each other,Looking at the distant sea view,Feel the sea breeze at night,There are people with the sea as the background,Selfie playing。
Two people are close,Gusts of sea breeze,Ji Yunfeng’s breath has a sweet fragrance from the poetry body,Faint floral fragrance,Let the throbbing in his heart become more obvious。
Look around,Yushi can see the land where Hengneng Real Estate is preparing to develop sea view villas。
Suddenly,She feels unclear,then,She came with dad,Almost standing here。Dad pointed in the direction of Kuaidi,The excitement in the eyes is beyond words。
but,Who would have thought that God loves to joke so much,Before the villa started,Father left。
time flies,a year ago,That piece of land is still being demolished,The foundation has been laid so soon。Maybe it will take less than a year,There will be several villas on that piece of land。
Have the advantage of enjoying the beauty of the seaside,This seaside villa will definitely attract attention。
“looking at what?”Feel the focus of poetry,Ji Yunfeng followed her gaze。
“there,Will soon become a villa area。”Yushi points to the construction area with scaffolding in the distance。
“Built by your house?”Ji Yunfeng asked。
“Ok,It’s the place my dad and I fancy together。Carnival Real Estate was also participating in the auction。so close,Almost snatched by them。”Recall the situation,The poems are vivid。
It’s just a matter of fact,Father is gone。
“Oh。”Ji Yunfeng looked slightly startled,But it will return to normal soon。
“Korean Poems,In order to repay your kindness,I decided to give you a big gift。”Ji Yunfeng is beside her,Said lightly。
Hear words,Yushi turned around,His gaze ran straight into his deep eyes,Red lips tilt slightly,Asked in a slightly questioning voice:“What a gift?Want Want Gift Package?”