Must learn: 15

strokes of daily health and longevity

Must learn: 15 strokes of daily health and longevity


I often laugh and laugh with my life, nowhere and nowhere, laughing in the chest, lungs expanding, breathing normal; laughing in the stomach, producing gastric juice, helping digestion, increasing appetite, promoting metabolism, laughing in the whole body, excited overallSleep sweet, energetic, open-minded, work hard.

  Laughter is a science, often laughing, smiling, laughing, can effectively treat people with mental illness such as neurasthenia and depression.

But be sure to be moderate, especially high blood pressure, heart disease, myocardial infarction, etc., can not laugh, just smile.


Always scrub each time after washing your face, use your hands to wipe the face for more than 10 times, you can cheer up the spirit and make your work energetic.


After the regular use of the target, it is necessary to first operate the eyeballs, then close the eyes to raise the net, the vision is particularly bright, the method is: from left to top, from the right down, offset adjustment more than 10 times.


Frequently, the ear can massage the kidneys, strengthen the brain and prevent deafness.

The method is: use both hands to massage the ear wheel, regardless of the number of times, to the degree of heat.


Regular tooth decay 30 times a day in the morning, can produce fluid, healthy teeth, taste delicious.

The method is: the upper and lower jaws are ringing, and the stomach is under the throat.


The constant movement of life lies in exercise.

If you don’t exercise regularly, your muscles and joints will shrink.

The method is: the waist is often stretched, the abdomen is often closed, and the limbs are often shaken; summer swimming, winter jogging, spring and autumn, often doing gymnastics, actively participating in the physical and mental work that can be achieved, can get comprehensive exercise.


There are three kinds of bathing and bathing: sunbathing, air bathing, and water bathing.

Can be selected according to the specific circumstances.


Wash your feet often with a moderate amount of hot water before going to bed every night, as one of the health tips.

After washing your feet, massage the Yongquan point 30 times, which is good for sleep, and wash your feet in winter to replace the effect.


The ancients said that “the wine is rich and the money” thinks that the poisonous juice of the human beings must be treated with the correct viewpoint. “The spirit is pleasant, the mood is comfortable, the situation is not angry, the mind is broad, the diet is regular, the living is normal, and the work is easy.Strive, exercise first, enhance resistance, do everything in all directions, and maintain a good attitude.


People who often have kidney deficiency are prone to low back pain, soft knees, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, heart palpitations, tooth shaking, lack of energy, premature aging, and decreased prostaglandins.

Only by adopting the measures of “fertilization, kidney preservation, and abstinence” can the above diseases be treated and the purpose of health and longevity can be achieved.


Nutrition and nutrition are the material basis of life, protein, heat, and auxiliary nutrients. These three categories are indispensable.

The medicines and foods are raised together, and the food is mainly used.


Health practice proves: health is less sick, diet should be cautious, vegetables, fruits should be washed, wash hands before meals, rinse mouth after meals, pots and chopsticks and other tableware should be clean, wear and living environment should be clean.


Regularly comb the hair at least twice a day, each time more than 60 combs, can clear the eyes, clear the brain, hurricane, blood circulation, enhance kidney function, prevent hair loss, adhere to often, inevitably benefit.


I often support my gods and my heart.
It is the Lord of the body, the foundation of life and death, the source of good and evil.

Eight hours of work time should be dedicated, and the rest of the time and weekends should be based on their own hobbies and specialties to send a taste of fun, to promote health.

I am always nervous and worried, fear is the enemy of health.
The motherland’s medicine requires attention to “the spirit of the internal defense, not the seven emotions too much” to cope with all kinds of bad stimuli, calmly deal with the dangers.

The ancients said it is good: sincerity is thinking about it, and it is reasonable to go through the troubles.