“I’m afraid you won’t make it?The same color,You draw a line。”

“Do not,no no。”The body on the left shook his head,Since one game,Just make it bigger,“The bet needs to be added,Bet on these two worlds,Winner Unify,Losers dispel,how is it?”
Frown on the right side of the body,It took a long time to speak,“Why bother,Can’t the two worlds coexist in the world?”
“Coexistence,Charcoal,Against nature,Just like you and me,Tao is different,Just rely on gambling,If you go shirtless, you will be bombarded by heaven,Self-destructive?”
“Winner Unify,In the future, this world may also be a stagnant pool?What’s the point?”
“Oh?So what’s your opinion?”
“Just bet you and my life?This game has nothing to do with the heavens and the world。”
“Pedantic!You and I represent the two main roads,A party,Nothing less than the collapse of one world,How is this different from the former?”
“There is a difference,Avenue Natural Selection,Maybe you and I are all over,The heavens still exist。”
“Haha,You are compassionate。Also good,Life and life,The old man is not afraid of things,Bet!”
“Just bet on the awakening of this postnatal world。”
“How to restrain?”
“This is the yin and yang Tai Chi rough。”Turn over the right body to take out an object,In the palm of your hand,About a quarter the size of a palm,Black and white,Extremely dazzling。“My avenue is hidden here,In case of violation,You ruin my heart。”
Take a breath of cold air from the left body,Suddenly grinned,“Old stuff,You are ruthless,You are bullying someone?”
“Old without you,If you don’t bet,Just pretend I didn’t say。”Talking,The right side of the body will put away the rough stone。
“Wait a minute!”Shouted from the left body,Turn the palm of your hand,A small porcelain bottle stands in the palm,“You are not afraid,I’m so afraid。In this vial is Promise stock solution,Also my net worth,Then hold each other’s lives。”
With a dull sound,The two stalwart bodies gradually fade,Until missing,But the turbulent waves cannot be stopped,Even rolling more and more intense,Rumbling waves,Li Tianzhen looked at his heart palpitations,And the wave crashed down,Suddenly the huge momentum and cold breath made him shudder all over,After the water flows,He tried to open his eyes and look again,A cold,But the tyrannical face is clinging to him。
“I thought you really kicked your legs,Since awake,Just answer Lao Tzu’s question!”Ah Hao’s roar is like a gong knocking in his ears,Make Li Tianzhen just want to spit on him,But I feel weak,Every inch of the body is paralyzed there,Can’t mobilize a trace of strength。
Ahao’s rage lies in his desire to tear this young man apart,But he couldn’t kill him,Because he has cheap hands,Can’t help but call Zhang Zhiqiang,The other party is on his way。