Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight False alarm

“120!120The one sent here!Are you alright?”
Feng Xichuan stood panting in front of the reception desk of the emergency building of Jingnan Central Hospital,Asking about the patient。
“so many120Sent by ambulance,I know which one?”A nurse gave Feng Xichuan a blank look。
“Just a man,Less than20year old……”
While Feng Xichuan explained,A voice from behind。
“President!in4floor04Bed number,Master Lu has woken up!”Zhao Ping quickly stopped Feng Xichuan who was talking to the nurse。
Zhao Ping knew very well,His sister was hospitalized here before,The service attitude of the medical staff is very cold,Difficult to handle,Ugly face,Some even treat patients as monkeys,Take care of your family for a few times,Just don’t make it clear,Even if Zhao Ping is a highly educated college student,It’s also difficult to adapt to the bad rules set by the hospital。
By the way, that goddamn hospital building,That’s a maze,Just send a test result and run off the leg,No3Family members,I really can’t take care of a patient。
“Xiao Zhao!Fortunately, I met you,I almost got itchy teeth from that little nurse,Hey!In the end what happened?I remember it was fine when I left!”Feng Xichuan followed Zhao Ping into the elevator again and again,While asking。
“Not only you,Everyone really didn’t notice,If it wasn’t for Anna, knock on the door of the game cabin,I haven’t found Master Lu fainted in it yet!”
“It’s not that the quality of Fool’s game cabin is not good,There is a safety hazard?”Feng Xichuan guessed。
“really do not know,But except for Master Lu,Everyone else is fine,I can’t see it……”Zhao Ping whispered。
Blink of an eye,Two-person elevator to reach the fourth floor,Feng Xichuan saw the thin Cao Anna with red eyes,Dragging a leg that hasn’t healed,Sitting on a chair in the corridor with a cane,And Guo Yinzhe kept shaking his head on the sidelines。