really,As Li Ming expected,The second level is almost no difficulty for him,

Although every practitioner in the white space has been crushed by the rising will。
But even at the end,The intensity of the oppression of the will can only reach the level of true god,It’s still a bit short of the ultimate true god level。
What makes him more speechless is,The arrogant Lord of the Absurd Law was easily eliminated,When he was eliminated,The coercion of will barely reached the threshold of true god level。
What surprised Li Ming was,The lord of the law called Indigo Scale I knew at the beginning was able to resist the second layer quite easily.。
Lord of all laws that collapse under the coercion of will,All are transported away by a black streamer。
And the ones that stayed in the white space,There are only ninety-nine people。
“Can indigo scales,The will is almost the ultimate true god, right。”
After the second test is over,Li Ming has not had time to talk to a few true gods he knows。
suddenly,A flame appeared in the white space。
Flame inner core white,The more you go out, the deeper the color,Five streamers surround。
“this is?”A large number of rulers stared at this flame。It is clear,The next test is related to this flame。
chapter eight Fermentation
Unexpected,This white flame swells sharply,Five-color streamer covers the surrounding。
Including Li Ming,The main body of every law is burning with white flames。
“this is?”Divine power seeps into the white flame,Li Ming felt a vague memory,But another powerful force tightly locked Li Ming’s knowledge of this memory。
“This is a secret basic technique of My Heart Sacred Sect-Burning Heart Flame,The ten first to understand,My disciple,The deadline is an epoch。If you can’t rank in the top ten,Contact the secret technique of my heart saint sect again,Put to death。。。If you want to quit,It’s ok now。”Words from the Lord Wakagi,Let the lord of these laws waver。