Chu Deirers two“Small dragon turtle”Play,Murong nine clothes sleeves,Chu Deirers playing above,I feel that it turns around!

When the ship,Chu Deirers dislike this“Fighting star shift”not useful,But when I really handed,Chu deer talents understand this difficulty,Unrefined……Take your own“Northern Dragon Turtle”、Put into“Ruyi Dragon Turtle”inside,Mutually offset each other。
Then Murong Yinshi is playing in the Chu Deire’s Chest.,Telief、Stroke、Virtual press……I have made three tricks“OK”Palm,Looking at the german to protect your body,Just follow the last palm、Let him see the blood……
Murong Jiu suddenly moved a meal,The face is proud of the face,Then I don’t replace it.。
“Big brother!”
Defense,Changed to milk swallow……
Chapter 405 Night meeting
Chu Deirens tapped into the back of Xia99,Waiting for her pills,This is too tone,I asked depressed:“you‘NS’……What happened recently??”
“No、No!”Xiao Jiu Nine eyes、Full face is popular。
Stage drama’s emotional interpretation,Not so exaggerated and significant。
“Good boy can not lying。”Chu Dee said heavy heart。
“That……Then you ask?”Xiao Nine, low head。
Chu Deirers are only with encouraging smiles.:“What special thing happened recently??”
“Confidentiality。”Xiao Jiujiu continues to say whisper。
Chu Deman:……
I am eager to ask,Xiao Jiujiu Direct“hide”Go back,Exchanged back Murongjiu。
Originally, the eman still wants to touch her head.,Say“be good”,But just reached halfway,Just in the eyes of Murong Nine Icy,I have to pick it back again.。
Two people“cold war”A day,When I was resting at night.,Murongjiu is directly trying to rest and rest.,but……Directly cultivated small ninety nine,Instant!
“Big brother!You are closed.,I will help you protect the law.!”Xiao Jiujiu is sincerely said。
Chu Dee people did not continue to continue during the day,But encouragement:“Xiao Jiu Jiuzhen。”After that, it really entered the status status.……
Small ninety-nine pairs of psychicity,Very sensitive,In an instant, I am confident that Chu Deirers“sleep”Down,then……After the whisper and the Chu Deer apologize,I quietly left the cave.。
Chu Deman’s Tag,Perceive is very slow,Purely relying on context,Even this has not found!
Chu Deiren left a heart,“sleep”Next time,After the creature is just after half a tea——Tire“Woke up”It is very per-time and controllable。
open one’s eyes,Chu Deiren secretly:really!
Murongjiu is not in the cave,so……This time I gave a small nine-nine?
However, Xiao Jiu Jiu Night does not sleep,I don’t know where to play.,Why is you going to mall yourself??
Murongjiu feels,It is also a lot in the middle of the night.,Take a small ninety-nine“Hi”NS?
It’s hard to understand this guy’s ceremony!
Chu Deirens with doubts,Walking with Xiaohong,Trace。
Not in the ten miles,Chu Deiren found Murongjiu……Or,Look at the state,Still is Xiaoshine。
And in front of her,There is still one person,It looks high,A gray brown robes,The face with copper masks covering the entire face!
Chu Deirers carefully close,At the same time, I’m doing my mind.,Next again, Hu Guiwan、Be in a good time,Be sure to ask his light work。
I still consider Chu Deirers,Xia99,Who is it?,Why is Xiao Jiujiu to come to him?,Just listening to this unique juggling voice:“You bring outsourcing?”