After all, look now,Let’s not talk about other things for now。

But something like this,Essentially,Really a very tricky thing。
And looking at this scene,It makes Wei Yunquan feel the more he looks,This kind of thing comes pretty serious。
“All right,Actually, I think,Start now,We don’t have to toss it down anymore。”
“In this case,Then,I choose to surrender!”
When Wei Yunquan’s words are finished,obviously,Wang Teng itself,It’s somewhat unexpected。
After all these things,From now on,How to solve it。
Actually just this,It’s more important that it has come。
And the more so,Actually from now on,How to deal with this,at this point,Very direct。
And Wang Teng,Directly。
“You see,What did i say before,I said they will surrender sooner or later?”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,It even made those people around nod repeatedly。
prior to,They didn’t expect it at all。
But now,These people finally saw it completely。
And now,Put this scene here,no doubt,It’s coming to make people feel,Somewhat beyond doubt。
slowly,Seeing these,at this time,Wang Teng itself,Actually, I don’t even think,How many problems will these things have。
Wei Yunquan subconsciously raised his head to look at Wang Teng。
“Although I surrendered,But does not mean,I’ll just let it go。”