“Who once thought,Entered the door,Amulet burning hot man,In front of a black huge face,Scared, I will run around the rolling.。”

“Waiting for me to run here,Wang Manager, everyone, everyone, I will not see me.,I only know,Ran over,Only my soul,My body is still in the female toilet。”
“It turned out to be like this,It seems that I am mistaken.,I heard the news that you fainted in the gover,I am still wondering,You should not be the kind of wister,No reason to run into the female guard。”
Liao Wenjie touched the Pakistan,Continue:“Since misunderstanding,Then I don’t say it.,tell me,What is called‘I can’t walk.’?”
“Is such that,I have tried to go out of this office.,No matter how I do,I can’t leave。”
The high manager refers to the finger doors and walls.,Finally point to the window,Even jumping is jumping out。
Very evil door!
“No problem,You will wait,I let my friends put you out.。”
Liao Wenjie turns the chair,Rigang twice,See it is not moving,I took out one hundred pieces from the pocket.:“what,Who lost a hundred dollars,Still,No one wants me to go.。”
Lyon pushed the road,A flying in Liao Wenjie,Picked up one hundred pieces,Into my own pocket。
“Ager,It is good to pick up gold is not good.,I hope you will continue to keep it later.。”
Liao Wenjie refers to it:“My friend’s soul,You take a plastic wrap.,Be careful,This is absolutely unable to rush。”
“I do,do not worry。”
Lyon opens the suitcase,Touch a roll of plastic wrap,A high manager in the stitch,Wrap it into a ball。
“hehe,it’s so funny,It’s going to make a ghost.,Actually take a fresh paper to deceive people。”
Zhang Dao is touched his neck,Dismissal,Wang Manager said:“If you believe these two scammers,Then I will go now.,After that, no matter what happens,You are all。”
“no,Zhang Dao,I really don’t know them.。”
Wang Manager is rushing to persuade,Add 100,000 pieces,Talented to Zhang Chang’s anger,Successfully retained him down。
“Two big brothers,Please don’t worry about you.!”
Appease the long,Manager Wang came to Liao Wenjie and Lyon:“You look at you,A white face,A look,I will not be in the pool.,I have two hundred pieces here.,You play a taxi to go to others.!”
“Look at people,Lost child!Wang Manager,You are not a child.,It wouldn’t really think that wearing a robe is a Taoist.?”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Two hundred pieces in front of,Touching a small money from your pocket:“I have 20,000 pieces here.,Give the scam,Let him take a taxi to kindergarten,Honest life,More expensive than love,This building is not the place he should come.。”
“Ah this year……”
Two thousand pieces in front of,Wang Manager is not allowed for a moment.,Careful:“I will ask a sentence,Two grasp ghosts,How to charge?”
“for free。”
“Originally, don’t want money!”
Liao Wenjie is Lyon,Let the playing cards don’t talk,Wang Manager:“A liar can charge 100,000,We both personally,At least 2 million starting prices。”
Can’t help but,Prefer!
Wang Manager shook his head,Don’t want to say something more,Collect 50 yuan,Please go to the female bathroom direction。
Liao Wenjie and Lyon are not rushing to follow up,When passing through multiple people,Lyon an emergency stop,The work desk on the side has rely on past。
The doctor who is knocking on the keyboard is a hop.,Keep your back to continue working,The shape of Lyon is too weird,She doesn’t want to talk to this kind of geek。
“My name is Lyon,Far known well-known grasp,See my name,Tell me your name.!”
“Good name。”
Lyon smiled:“See you,Outbound work in financial companies,Must be higher education,I don’t know,Is there anything like I am going to go into the society。”