Wang Youfa stared at Wang Youcai and said:“Bullshit,Why are you running back?”Wang Youfa didn’t even wash his face.。

impossible!Did Brother just wake up??How is this possible?Since people don’t want to see him so much,He asked a lot。
Wang Youcai sighed,So I quickly stepped into the room。The situation in the room surprised him,I saw my father Wang Degui face to the wall and fell asleep,And his mother Chen Yueqin also slept sideways on the kang。What’s going on?Wang Youcai looked anxious。
“dad,mom。What’s wrong with you?Why are you still asleep when it’s dark?”Wang Youcai asked loudly。
Wang Degui seemed to have not heard Wang Youcai’s words,I didn’t move my body,Chen Yueqin turned around,Asked with a faint breath:“Youcai is back?How is your injury?”
“Already done,What’s wrong at home?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and asked。
Chen Yueqin sat up now,I took a breath and said:“This home is going to be separated,You never come back again”
“mom!What happened??What’s the matter for a good house?”Wang Youcai said,Sitting in my chair a little angry。
People coming home from outside,I want to feel the warmth of home,But Wang Youcai is back this time,Not only does it feel like this,He even felt the cold at home。
Chen Yueqin stretched her head and glanced out the window,Then he lowered his voice and said:“Song Fang is clamoring to divorce your brother, What do you think this is?I didn’t agree with this marriage at first,But your brother doesn’t marry her,now what?Retribution is coming!”
“Divorce,There must be a reason!”Wang Youcai asked coldly。
“It’s all this bastard,One out from inside,As if everyone owes him,Either a god or a ghost,He doesn’t even believe his wife,How do you go on this day?Leave if you want!”Wang Degui suddenly turned over and sat up,Shouting against the wall。
Wang Youcai probably nodded,He asked patiently:“dad!Song Fang and his eldest brother must be divorced for a reason, right?!”
“Only the two of them know what’s inside,But I personally feel,The problem is with your brother,Look at him now,A look of self-report,Where is the appearance of our old Wang family。Even if he is dead, Mr. Wang is not as good as he”Wang Degui cursed,I couldn’t help but cough。
Mention Wang Laowai,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being surprised。1st brother went in because of this,But this matter is inseparable from him。But the family was eager to win,Didn’t take the money,This may be Wang Youfa’s intention。