Ning Feifei took the information laughing:“Blue Director,Then you are almost,I can do it alone.。”

Blue Xin laughs,“Are you afraid that I escape??”
She will not let her go to the summer。
“hehe”Ning Feifei laughs,“Blue Director will not escape,I am afraid that the Blue Director hides where to go soothing,After all, I look at the blue director is also very nervous.。”
Blue Xin smiled and shook his head,Gently smashed the hair on the shoulder ,Feminine,“Fifi,You go up,I’ll come,Can’t be late,I am going to the bathroom,Immediately come over。”
Ning Feifei hugs,Go to the elevator,Blue Xin,After asked the location of the hotel’s waiter’s bathroom,Speed quickly towards the bathroom。
But she just came out from the bathroom.,I received a call from Ning Feifei.。
“Hey,Fifi,what happened?”
There is no rid of Ning Feifei.,“Blue Director,Oh no,Our information is changed by Gu Ai’an.。”
Blue Xin is a bit unbelievable,“Fifi,What is the relationship with Gu Ai’an??
How did you hit it with Gu Anan?。”
Blue Xin said to go forward。
There are not many people in the hall.,She looked around.,Run Going to the gate of the hotel。
This is a short time a few minutes,How do you have something?。
“Blue Director,Things are like this,I just wanted to enter the elevator.,Just encounter Gu Anan and Yao Yao from the elevator。
I do not know how it is,Gu Anan also hugs,When she is out of the elevator,I glanced at me.,When I passed with me,It seems to be deliberately touched me.,She is very powerful,My whole person falls aside,The information in your hand falls on the ground.。
She is also busy with information,I am also busy with information.。
After Gu An’an, he picked up his own information.,I didn’t say a word and I left.,After they have left,I hurried into the elevator.,Look down at a look,I found out that our information was taken away.。
”Blue Xin understands,Gu An’an is to know that Feifei and she come here today.,Just in order to press the design map,If today’s design is satisfied,The next thing will be sympathy.。
Gu Anan’s ten eight nine is deliberately,As long as they have no work today to see Xia Xiao,So,Xia Chi’s temper,It should be very angry。
She ran to the lobby,The eyes quickly swept in the hall,There is no figure of Gu An An and Ya Yao Yao。
She ran out quickly,Seeing Yao Yao and Gu An’an have arrived on the road.,Not far from the company,The two are walking。
Blue Xin’s eyes are angry,Catch the past。
NS790chapter:Why do you want to do this?
NS790chapter:Why do you want to do this?
Blue Xin runs past,I can’t drive to Gu Anan.,Gu Anan and Yao Yao are watching her design.,She grabbed her。
“Snapped……”A slap is hit on Gu An’an’s face,Her series of movements,Aesthetic。
Let Gu Anan and Yao Yao have some。
Blue Xin looked at the grievances to look at her Gu Ai’an,The bottom is full of anger:“Gu Anan,I have told you.,Only have no two more and again。You get more and more balanced,In addition to these insidious things,What will you do??”