Yu Zhe didn’t take the other party to heart,Stay in a daze,And suddenly,Li Mo’s intrusion,Interrupted his thoughts。

“Yu Zhe!Look at the newspaper I bought today!”
Li Mo left before dawn todaylcity,To help Yu Zhe investigate something,Buy some daily necessities by the way,Saw newspapers along the way,Bought a copy together,But I didn’t expect to see such important news。
Yu Zhe took over the newspaper,The front page headline above is a news similar to the one on the phone just now,But the content here is more detailed,Even more pictures。
The curiosity of Xie Xiangxi who was still cursing was suddenly ignited,In the end, I couldn’t restrain myself and went up to watch it.。
“Eh,I saw several news about these three people today,I don’t know what they are doing。”She complained slightly angrily,Then he pointed to the position of Shi Muluo on the photo and said,“But these two women do look a little alike,But I still prefer this short hair,I don’t know why I always feel kind。”
Yu Zhe and Li Mo looked at Xie Xiangxi,After all, she didn’t explain anything to her。
“I just saw this news……Seeing that it happened yesterday,Today is so hot,Really scary。”Yu Zhe took a breath,The depression in my heart does not decrease but increases。
“I’m afraid Qi Xianwei did it all,He just wants to make things big,Finally give way to Cheng Yunxiao,The transfer of shares to Shi Muluo is well known,Make everyone feel that she is a weak leader,In the end, Shimu was gradually supported,Control the resources of the Cheng family by controlling her。”
Li Mo’s analysis is right,Both he and Yu Zhe knew Shimu’s life,And Qi Xianwei“Ten Years Game”People,Guessing naturally has a certain truth,After Yu Zhe,Nod,Agree with Li Mo’s words。
“She is now under complete control,The puppet Qi Xianwei finally cultivated,I won’t let go easily,Want to see her,It must be more difficult than before。”
Yu Zhe followed the words just now and continued,At the same time, another worry。
“The Cheng family knew that sometimes Mu Luo such an illegitimate child existed,Try to get rid of her,Now I’m stuck on the issue of Shiguluo,It’s inevitable that you will want to do something with her even more。”
Li Mo shook his head,Indicates that this possibility should not be great,Then I told the whole story:
“I think,Shi Muluo won’t be threatened by the Cheng family for now,First, she is already under the strict protection of Qi’s family,Even if someone wants to do it,Not a simple thing,Secondly, too many people know about her,If it disappears suddenly,Someone will doubt Cheng Yunxiao’s head,This woman is at this juncture,I won’t make jokes with my reputation。”
After a paragraph,Both of them fell silent,No matter how good they say now,I still don’t know what to do later,Yu Zhe has new injuries and old injuries,Shi Muluo’s current situation is unpredictable,No matter what you do may lead to bad consequences。
“what……Still not discussing this matter。”Li Mo put the newspaper away,Decided not to think about it,I took out a bank card from my pocket,“I found it for you,This card was reissued with Shimuluo’s ID card not long ago.,Although you have guessed before**Never leave ten,But this time it seems,More certain,She was the one who hired Xie Xiangxi。”