In order to keep the business route smooth,Cargo safety,The existence of the escort is particularly important。

The Kamikaze Escort has a branch in Baiyun City。
Leaving Wanjia Mansion,Walked for a long time。
Before Chen Xiu followed Lin Tianfu and the others to a big house,There are two flagpoles hanging on the left and right,Write on one side“Kamikaze Escort”Four characters,The other side is“Darts must reach”,The plaque in the middle is“Kamikaze Escort Baiyun Branch。”
Chen Xiu said:“Your Shenfeng Escort is still out of style in Baiyun City。”
Lin Tianfu deserves to be polite,He said with pride in his expression:“There are hundreds of escorts in Aoki County,That means our Kamikaze Escort can run wild in Aoki County。
Since the master of the young dart head,Our Kamikaze Escort is more than just a dart business,Created many new industries,Many industries are involved,There are restaurants,Pill weapon,Fleet,mine,Wuyuan etc.,There are too many industries to count。”
“This is not the same as those big groups on earth,Make money,Also design the industry!”Robber
“I thought the people on the prehistoric continent only focused on spiritual practice,Business sense will be worse than the earth,I’m thinking about it!”
Chen Xiu followed Lin Tianfu and the others into the Escort,After the notification,Fang Tong, the person in charge of the branch, came out to meet him in person。
“Lin Biaotou,Escorting Miss Wan to Baiyun City this time,But it really increased the reputation of our Kamikaze Escort。”
“I just arrived in Baiyun City,How did Chief Fang find out that I was escorting Miss Wan?”